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Government publications: European Union (EU)


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European Union (EU) Treaty

The two principal treaties on which the EU is based are the Treaty on European Union (TEU; Maastricht Treaty, effective since 1993) and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU; Treaty of Rome, effective since 1958). 

Consolidated versions of the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

Official Websites

Europa-Official Home page (English)
"... information (press releases, legislation, fact-sheets ...) published by the European Union and its institutions: European Parliament, Council of the EU, European Commission, Court of Justice, Court of Auditors, Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions, European Central Bank, European Investment Bank, Agencies and other Bodies. Web site in 11 languages: Spanish, Danish, German, Greek, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish and Swedish" (from page metadata)

Delegation of the European Commission to Australia
Site intended to improve mutual understanding and information between the EU and Australia and New Zealand by provision of quality information about the European Union's goals and its activities in the region:

  • Relations with the EU covers all aspects of Australia's relations with the EU (economic, environmental, political etc). Includes summary and comparative statistics of the Australia - EU trade relationship as against Australia's other major trade partners.

EU Parliamentary Publications

EUROPARL: The European Parliament On-Line
European Parliament home page.

Plenary sessions of the European Parliament
Calendar, Agenda, Reports, Debates, Minutes / Proceedings, Texts adopted, Joint texts approved by the Conciliation Committee. Webstreaming EP Live.

European Union Documents
Green papers, White papers, Registers of documents.

Register of Documents: simple search
documents in a variety of formats (eg HTML, Word or pdf).

Monash Library holdings:

Members of European Parliament

Members of the European Parliament
6th term 2004 - 2009; 5th term 1999-2004; 4th term 1994-1999.


Committees of the European Parliament
access to meetings, agendas, members hearings and reports.

European Commission

The European Commission
daily news, the calendar, the policies, the President, the Commissioners and the services offered.

Library holdings:

  • Commission of the European Communities, (1988-present, incomplete), Documents [microform], Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg.

European Economic and Social Committee

European Economic and Social Committee
activities, news, organization, structure, documents, publications, opinions.

Monash Library holdings:


Guides and Directories

Guides to European Parliament

Monash Library holdings:


Monash Library holdings:

EU Department and agency Publications

EU Bookshop
Online service giving access to publications from EU institutions, agencies and other bodies. Also offers an online catalogue and archive of all EU publications, more than 50 years of documents in about 50 languages available. Search, order and where possible, download copies. My 'EU Bookshop' allows you to set up profile to be notified of new publications in your area.


Monash Library holdings:




Statistical Office of the European Communities


Library holdings:

  • Eurostat yearbook, (1995-present, incomplete), Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg.

EU Law

EUR-Lex: The Portal to European Union Law
An entry point to the complete collections of EU legal texts in all the official languages. Click here for more details regarding coverage and access

N-Lex: A Common Gateway to National Law
Allows users to search national sites using a single uniform search template.
The search interfaces are linked to the national law sites, one national law site per Member State, giving access to each country’s legislation

Treaties of the European Union.

For assistance with European Union legal publications consult the Law Library European Union Library Guide or contact the Law Library.

News/Media Releases


EU News
Current press releases and press services and promotion of upcoming events. Includes:

General report on the activities of the European Union
Annual overview of the Community's activities during previous year. Archive available back to 1995.

Privately owned, Brussels based publishing venture, launched in May 2002 which aims to provide authoritative information and comment on the policies and politics of the enlarged European Union.


Bulletin of the European Union
The Bulletin of the European Union provided an account (10 issues per year) of the activities of the Commission and the other Community institutions. It was published by the Secretariat-General of the European Commission in the 11 official languages. Archive available back to 1996.


Research Information Centre
Latest news on Research and Development in the European Union.

Monash Library holdings:

  • research*eu
    Monthly magazine focusing on recent research developments in the EU.

Other Resources


See Towards a European constitution for the main stages in the institutional reform of the European Union



European Court of Auditors
Audits the accounts of the Union's revenue and expenditure and checks whether the financial management has been sound.


Documents and Publications 

EU documents and publications

An overview of EU publications, reports, statistics and EU libraries. Access the register of documents of the EU institutions for all official EU documents.