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Criminology: Books

A subject guide to Monash University Library's resources for students and researchers of Criminology.

Finding an item in the library

All items in Monash Library have call numbers to organise them on the shelf. You can find every item's call number in the details tab when using Search. Staff at the information point can help with any problems.

Some common call numbers for criminology are:

323     Civil and political rights

345     Criminal law

360     Social problems and services; associations

364     Criminology

365     Penal and related institutions

Reference Works

Encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks are important sources of information. Use them for definitions and explanations of key concepts of a topic. They can provide important background information such as the theoretical foundations and academic terminology for a topic.They are a very good starting point for researching an essay topic. Print format reference works are held in the Reference Collection of libraries. However some are online.