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Teaching Materials - School Classrooms

large abacus There are Teaching materials collections at the Peninsula and Matheson Libraries. These collections include picture books, non-fiction books and kits suitable for use in practicums.

Classroom resources

If you are looking for textbooks, toys, kits or other teaching resources for your placements, you may want to look at the Library's curriculum materials in Search. Curriculum materials are a part of the Teaching Materials collections.

Science teaching materials

You can find science teaching materials through Search. For instance, search for "science teaching," then refine your search using the Curriculum Materials option.

Search using science teaching with Curriculum Materials highlighted

Search of Curriculum Materials highlighting get it tab to find location and item not available

Lesson plan resources

the learning spaces (tls) in the Faculty

The learning spaces are 'an on-campus ‘home’ for Education students'. There are tls at Clayton and Peninsula campuses. For more information contact the Faculty of Education