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Education: Books

Finding books in the library

All physical books in Monash Library have Call Numbers to organise them on the shelf. You will see an item's call number in Library Search. Staff at the information point can help you with any problems. 

Some useful call numbers for Education are:

155.4 Child psychology
306.432 School and society
370.15 Psychology of teaching
370.1523 Learning
371.1 Teachers and teaching
371.5 School discipline
371.7 Student welfare
371.9 Special education
372 Primary education
372.4 Literacy (reading)
372.7 Numeracy (mathematics)
372.86 Physical education
375 Curriculum (CSF)
379 Public policy issues in education
507 Science education
510.7 Mathematics education
613.7 Physical fitness


1. In Library Search enter a title or your keywords.

2. Online access under a search result indicates the book is an eBook.

3. To view your eBook click on the Online access link and select the displayed link.


Book record on Library Search with online access highlighted