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Education: Policies and reports

Find education policy and report documents

Australian Federal government education policies can be found on the Department of Education and Training's home page

Department of Education website highlighting the search and filter by program sections

The Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development provides links to policies for:

The Teaching and Curriculum Resources page has a range of resources are available to support teachers in the classroom and apply best practice to teaching with information on reports, assessment, curriculum plans, digital spaces, literacy and numeracy.

Try search terms such as policy, framework or strategy. 

Using keywords to search the Victorian TAFE website

Most schools will have policy documents linked to their home page, for example:

For Victorian schools:

Independent Schools Victoria provides links to many policies such as asthma management, Internet use and risk management. Type "policy" into the search box of the school's website

Catholic Education Melbourne has links to policies such as sexual harassment, drug education and pastoral care.

Similar organisations exist in the other states.

Universities Australia provides links to policy and governance documents.  
Type "policy papers" into the search box.

The International Institute for Educational Planning publishes policy booklets on issues such as gender inclusion, teacher training, and poverty and education.  

  • Planipolis- is a portal of education plans and policies from UNESCO Member States providing a single entry to documents from various official sources.
  • IIEP Learning Portal - is a single window to comprehensive, up-to-date, relevant, and neutral information on learning issues, from primary through secondary education.
  • UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse - is comprehensive resource library and information exchange service that supports ministries of education, development agencies, civil society, researchers and other education partners, to develop effective HIV and AIDS, school health and sexuality education policies, programmes and advocacy within the education sector.
  • ETICO - a resource platform on ethics and corruption in education.
  • OECD - a great resource for finding and comparing country data and information. Mainly economics focus but includes education.
  • International Institute for Educational Planning Education Policy Series - the collection of International Institute for Educational Planning policy booklets.