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A comprehensive guide for users of all aspects of Korean studies.

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Finding Korean Resources

This page will help you to find Korean language material in the Library Search.


Manhwaru at Chŏnju/Jeonju Hyanggyo (萬化樓, 鄕校) in Korea. Hyanggyo is a government-run provincial school during Koryŏ/Goryeo Dynasty and Chosŏn/Joseon Dynasty. Photo by JS Kim, 2012.

The Korean collection is housed in the Asian Collections, Matheson Library, Clayton Campus. The collection focus is on social sciences, particularly economics and politics, and on the history, language, architecture and music of Korea. The collection includes many Korean videos and DVDs. Archival materials and older newspapers are held on microfilm and microfiche. English language materials for Korean studies are held throughout the library.

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