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Korean Studies: Find Multimedia, Journal articles, Book

A comprehensive guide for users of all aspects of Korean studies.

Using the Library 'Search' to find books, journal articles, DVDs, music and more

Use the Search to retrieve Korea-related books, DVD's, music, journal articles and other resources.
You will find Search on the Library homepage    or from your portal.

Sign in first so that you can  

  • place holds on books at other campuses
  • renew books
  • save searches
  • see what you have on loan

The default option is to search  'all resources'. There is an option to limit your search from 'all resources' to 'library collections'This  removes journal articles from your search so be careful not to do this unless you want only books, music  and dvd's NOT journal articles

Ignore "Did you mean ....?"

You can use * to truncate terms eg comput* retrieves computer, computers and computing.
Use inverted commas " - " for phrases, titles and words you want to appear next to each other in your search results eg "social networks" "women's rights".
Capitals are not required. Avoid using first names and initials.
If you have more than one author include last names. This will make your search much more precise.

For more detailed help with search options go to Search help 

Holds / Requests

You can Hold / Request if there is NOT one on the shelf in your home library or on another Library on your home campus.

Leave the default and select pick up location.
You will be notified by email when the book is ready to pick up from the "Hold" area in the Library.

Placing a hold (Hold tutorial)

Find Korea-related resources

This will assist users to discover Korea-related multimedia resources that are available in both the library's physical and online collections. 

  • Type korea videorecording in search box
  • Select 'Library collections'
  • Refine results by using options on the left


Use an Advanced Search to narrow down your results and resource type.



국립국악원 National Gugak Center

문화포털 (한국문화정보원 KCISA) Korean Culture Portal

영화진흥원 Korean Film Council (KOFIC)

한국문화예술위원회 Arts Council Korea

Library Search is a great starting point for your research. You can use it to find peer reviewed journal articles and get direct electronic access. After you sign in, you can also save journal articles and other resources you have discovered onto the e-Shelf for future access.

As we are required to find peer-reviewed journal articles, some further refinement of the search results is needed.   

The Peer-reviewed Journals facet in the “Show only” group is clicked on. The list of search results is refined accordingly.


The View It (Red 1) tab at the bottom of the first record is clicked.
The View It tab lists electronic access (Red 2) options. Sometimes there will be more than one option available.

You can also find a particular journal title. follow as below:

  1. Type the name of the journal you wish to find into the Library Search box.
  2. Under the Refine results left panel, use the Journal resource type facet to refine the search results
  3. Find the journal title and check its availability.

Use left hand limits to retrieve only books. Note the other refining options available

Occasionaly you will find there is more than one listing for the same item held in different locations, so make sure you have chekced all the listings for the specific item you are looking for. Also make sure that you are looking for the right edition.

eg. to find  고정민 (2009) 한류 아시아를 넘어 세계로 : 한국문화콘텐츠의 과거, 현재, 미래, 한류지수, 한류의 경제적 효과, 서울시 : 한국문화사업교류재단 (= Ko, Chong-min (2009) Hallyu, Asia rul nomo segye ro : Hanguk munhwa kontenchu ui kwago, hyonjae, mirae, hallyu chisu, hallyu ui kyongjejok hyokwa, Soul-si: Hanguk Munhwa Saop Kyoryu Chaedan)
Type 고정민  한류  or  한류 아시아 in the search box
Click on 'locations' and the + next to your campus to see what is available. See campus floor plans to find books.
You need both the call number and the location to find the book.

Map of Matheson library (pdf)

See the 'Browssing the shelves'' box from the "Finding @ Library" tab in this Libguide for information about call numbers and how to locate items on the shelf.

On a topic

For examples of search strategies go to Search help 

Use the left hand options to limit your search to books, journals, e-resources a particular date range, date or items in a specific library.