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The Monash University Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme to organise books and journals. The most efficient way to locate material in the library is to search the library Search, however the following may be useful as a guide when browsing the shelves.

Number Subject
418.02 Translating and interpreting
418.0205 Translating and interpreting – periodicals
428.02 English language - translating
438.02 German language - translating
448.02 French language - interpreting
458.02 Italian language - interpreting
468.02 Spanish language - interpreting
491.79802 Ukrainian language - interpreting
495.1802 Chinese language - translating
495.6802 Japanese language - translating and
495.7802 Korean language - translating and

Korean literature

Translations of Korean fiction and short stories held in the Monash University Library.



Classical Arabic literature a library of Arabic literature anthology

Classical Arabic stories an anthology

Modern Arabic short stories : a bilingual reader : twelve stories by contemporary masters from Morocco to Iraq


A bibliography of studies and translations of modern Chinese literature, 1918-1942

A list of published translations from Chinese into English, French, and German

Chinese pen (earlier title)  The Taipei Chinese pen (later title)

Selected short stories from China (1991-2000)


Bibliographie deutscher Übersetzungen aus dem Französischen, 1700-1948

French writing today


Translations from the German : English 1948-1964

The German classics of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries : masterpieces of German literature, translated into English


Recreation and style translating humorous literature in Italian and English (eBook)

Translating Australia : the case of Australian contemporary fiction in Italian translation


Early modern Japanese literature an anthology, 1600-1900

Modern Japanese literature in western translations: a bibliography


Bibliography of Korean literature in translation, 1980-2006


Bibliography of Russian literature in English translation to 1945. Bringing together: A bibliography of Russian literature in English translation to 1900


An anthology of Spanish literature in English translation


Bibliography of Ukrainian literature in English and French : translations and critical works (1950-1986)