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Newspapers: COVID-19

News and online resources

For general information and latest news, enter the following keywords into the search bars of different news databases:

COVID-19 OR Coronavirus OR COVID19 OR "COVID 19"


Access World News (Newsbank):
  • Factiva's Industry Snapshots help you quickly understand the most relevant data about an industry and includes a comprehensive one-page summary. Click on the Industry name to find targeted news, reports, charts, analysis and financial data. To navigate to the Industry Snapshots, follow the instructions below:


Hover over the Companies/Market tab on the homepage of Factiva.

factiva toolbar

Then, select Industry from the drop-down menu. 

companies drop down menu

You can search general terms such as:​
  • coronavirus
  • "coronavirus outbreak"
  • "coronavirus pandemic"
For updates, latest statistics and recent developments, use search term combinations such as:
  • coronavirus AND "up-to-the-minute coverage" 
  • coronavirus AND "death toll"
  • coronavirus AND statistics

The importance of fact checking:

In reality of so many information out there, the readers don't know what to trust when misinformation obscures the truth.  Thinking critically and questioning everything is the process how you can spot fake news. The following websites and ebooks can be a start to check and review the facts for evaluating and verifying sources.