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Newspapers: Fact Checking

The Importance of Fact Checking

In reality of so many information out there, the readers don't know what to trust when misinformation obscures the truth.  Thinking critically and questioning everything is the process how you can spot fake news.  The following websites and ebooks can be a start to check and review the facts for evaluating and verifying sources.

Question Everything

  1. What is your emotional reaction?
  2. Where did it appear?
  3. Is the headline sensationalised?
  4. Is it designed for easy sharing?
  5. What is the source of the information?
  6. Does it have a current date?
  7. Are the sources varied?
  8. Are the sources reliable?
  9. Are images authentic?
  10. Is this considered on a fact checking site?

Adopted from "Ten Questions for Fake News Detection"