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Anthropology: Finding ethnographies

A subject guide to Monash University Library's resources for students and researchers of Anthropology

Ethnographies at Monash Library

For information about Ethnographies, the following websites may be useful:

Finding Ethnographies

Search tips for finding the best ethnographic information at Monash University Library.

Use the name of a place, an ethnic group, AND (ethnolog* OR ethnograph*)

Screenshot - Simple search use "AND" or "OR"

Library Search

Note: Using the * as a truncation will search for items with all possible endings after the *. This search will find resources using the word Bali and the words ethnography, ethnographies, ethnographic, ethnology, ethnologies, ethnologic, and so on.


Instead of ethnology/ethnography, try "social life" or customsRemember to use speech marks around phrases to search that exact phrase.

Screenshots - Simple search example "social life" AND Sammi

Library Search

A sample search in Anthropology Plus is similar to one in Search, but arranged differently.

To find information on ethnographies more broadly, try searching for "case study" AND "cultural anthropology"

Screenshots - broad search, try searching for "case study" AND "cultural anthropology"

Library Search - Advance search

If you are still having trouble finding suitable ethnographies broaden your search to the place or ethnic group. Here's an example in eHRAF World Cultures database.

Remember, if you are not searching in an anthropology-specific database you should add AND anthropolog* to your search. (e.g. Hmong AND anthropolog*)

Screenshots - example in eHRAF World Cultures database.

eHRAF World Cultures database search