Citing and referencing: Government/organisational/technical reports

A guide to the styles recommended by Monash schools and departments for students and researchers

Government, organisational and technical reports

Government, organisational and technical publications are documents produced by agencies, companies, departments, industry bodies, and non-government organisations. They are sometimes called ‘grey literature’, and they represent a wide variety of sources including reports, papers, and transcripts. For further examples see 3.13.2 of the Style Manual. 
General format
  • name of the author if it's given
  • title and subtitle, if there is one, in italics, and capitalise the main words
  • name of issuing government department (abbreviate to Dept), agency, or body
  • date of publication
  • page numbers, document numbers or series number, if specified
  • if the report is online, include the accessed date and the DOI or URL.

Examples: 24.     Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework: Summary Report 2020. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare & National Indigenous Australians Agency; 2020. Accessed June 23, 2022.

25.     La Cava G, Wang L. The Rise in Household Liquidity. Reserve Bank of Australia; 2021. Discussion paper RDP2021-10. Accessed March 21, 2022. doi:10.47688/rdp2021-10

26.     World Health Statistics 2021: Monitoring Health for the SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals. World Health Organization; 2021. Accessed October 20, 2022.

27.     Department of Social Services Annual Report 2020–21. Australian Government, Dept of Social Services2021. Accessed January 20, 2022.

Note: When referencing a section of a government or organisational document, follow the format for referencing a book chapter.

Example: 28.     National redress scheme. In: Department of Social Services Annual Report 2020–21. Australian Government, Dept of Social Services2021:158-163. Accessed January 20, 2022.