Citing and referencing: Video, audio & other media

A guide to the styles recommended by Monash schools and departments for students and researchers

Video, audio & other media

The AMA Manual of Style section 3.14 contains more examples for video, podcasts, and other audio formats, apps, games, transcripts, and other multimedia.
Streaming videos

Example: 48.     Silverstein O. Mothers and Sons: The Crucial Connection. Alexander Street Press. 2005. Accessed May 27, 2022.

Television & radio programmes

Example: 49.     Phillips G, Willis P, Rietze R. Stem cells in the brain. Catalyst. ABC television. June 25, 2009. Accessed September 9, 2022.

50. Robbinson K. The Drum. ABC News. September 7, 2022. Accessed October 25, 2022.

Media release

Department of Social Services. Faster Hospital Discharge for NDIS Participants. Media release, DSS. September 14, 2022. Accessed October 27, 2022.