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International studies: Books & eBooks

A guide to resources at Monash University Library for International studies

Finding books in the library

The library uses the Dewey Decimal system to organise books on the shelf. The most efficient way to locate material in the library is to search the library catalogue, however when browsing the shelves, the following guide may be useful.

Subject Call Number
Cold War history dictionaries 327.1273047
Communist governments 321.92
Eastern Europe foreign relations 327.47
Foreign policy and specific topics in international relations 327.1 
International conflict 327.16
International co-operation 327.17
Philosophy and theory of international relations 327.101
International relations, 20th century 327.0904
 United Nations, general works 341.23
 World politics relating to the cold war 909.82
  • Each book in the library has a unique call number, attached to the spine or front of the book.
  • The call number indicates a book's subject matter, author, title and date of publication.
  • Every part of the number is important for finding an item.
  • Books with similar subject content will be near each other on the shelves, so if you go up looking for a specific book also look around it for others.