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Spatial data and maps: Home


The Monash University Library collection includes an extensive collection of maps, charts, atlases, gazetteers as well as books related to spatial information (print and online). We also subscribe to a number of maps and spatial data databases.

The Library Map Collection also includes a number of special series or collections.  A number of these maps are available on CD (jpdg format) held in the Hargrave-Andrew multimedia collection.  Some of Allied Geographical Section: South-West Pacific Area have been digitised and are also available from the Monash Collections Online.

The library can assist you to find the map or geospatial datasets you require.  We can also help you to access items held at other libraries via our interlibrary loan service.

This guide provides information about these resources, as well as freely accessible maps and spatial data sources online. 

Key online resources in the Library collection

Print map collection

The collection, located in the Hargrave-Andrew Library (Clayton campus), includes maps from around the world with an emphasis on geological and topographical maps of Australia, and in particular, Victoria. There are also maps and charts of the oceans. Tourist maps covering some areas of Australia and other parts of the world form a minor part of the collection. Please refer to the Print Maps section of this guide for full details.  

A quiet study area is available with a large table for easy use of sheet maps. A light / tracing table is also available for drawing. Photocopiers are located in close proximity. Note: Large format scanning is not available in the Library.


Please visit the Hargrave-Andrew Library information desk for assistance.