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Map Collection: Inventory of Collection

List of items in collection

Lists of items in the Map Collection at the Hargrave-Andrew Library. Includes brief information about the item(s); eg title of map, author, scale and publication date, along with the location in the Map Collection area. Most maps are not listed in the library catalogue. Other map / spatial material, such as atlaes and gazetters may be found using Search.

The Library's Inventory of the Map Collection includes

Abbreviations used in the map lists

The following abbreviations are used to indicate the location of material in the Hargrave-Andrew Library Map Room.

  • H = Horizontal file
    The number and letter following the "H" indicate the location of the item; eg H.2.A = Horizontal file, number 2, drawer A.
  • V = Vertical file
    The number and letter following the "V" indicate the location of the item; eg V.4 = Vertical file, number 4.

A number of extensions to these abbreviations are used to indicate the specific section of a file where the desired map is located. These extensions include:

Aust.Landstat  Australian Landstat.
Aust.Gen.Ref.  Australian General Reference.
Aust.Gen.Tour.  Australian General Tourist Maps.
Aust.Geol.Misc.  Australian Geological Miscellaneous
Aust.Mag.Misc.  Australian Magnetic Miscellaneous
Aust.Min.Misc.  Australian Mineral Miscellaneous
Aust.Tect.Misc.  Australian Tectonic Miscellaneous
Aust.Soil Misc.  Australian Soils Miscellaneous.
NSW Geol.Misc.  New South Wales Geological Miscellaneous
NSW Goldfields.  New South Wales Goldfields
NT Geol.Misc.  Northern Territory Geological Miscellaneous
QLD Geol.Misc.  Queensland Geological Miscellaneous
SA Geol.Misc.  South Australia Geological Miscellaneous
Tas.Geol.Misc.  Tasmania geological Miscellaneous
Vic.Gen.Ref.  Victoria General reference
Vic.Ge.Roads  Victoria General Roads
Vic.Geol.Misc.  Victoria Geological Miscellaneous
Vic.Goldfields  Victoria Goldfields
WA Geol.Misc  Western Australia Geological Miscellaneous

Other symbols used in this inventory include:

expl. notes  indicates that explanatory notes are available.
f  folio atlases shelved separately.
n.d.  no date.
n.s.  no scale.
wall  item is displayed on Map Room wall.