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Theses: Finding theses in Search

This guide is designed to assist with locating theses either from Monash or from other institutions around the world.



  • The terms thesis and dissertation are both used to describe theses, use both terms in your search to find all relevant items.
  • Select Library Collections to find items available at Monash Libraries
  • Select All resources to find items from other institutions
  • Use thesis databases for comprehensive searches for Australian theses and International theses

Library Search

Finding theses using basic search


Search by Author and/or Title if you have this information.
Search by Keywords if you don't have the Author and Title information.
Include the word thesis OR dissertation in your search to find all relevant items.
You can also narrow the search down by PhD theses by searching for ph.d.


Screen shot of a search on 'primary education' AND thesis AND ph.d AND Australia

On the results page you can refine your search to 'Theses' and 'Dissertations' by using the facets on the left hand side. Be sure to click Apply Filters if you use the facets.

Screen shot of resource type filter showing 2,171 dissertations and 2 theses.


Find theses using advanced search

You can use advanced search to limit to searching for Theses as a material type. Use keywords or search by faculty.
Use the facets down the right-hand side to narrow down search results.

Advanced Search on Faculty of Education and Material type = Thesis

Use advanced search to locate Theses written by a particular author and/or a particular subject area.

Select Author/Creator to search for a particular author
Select in subject to search for a Thesis on a specific subject area

Advanced search by Author's name and 'thesis'