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Theses: Monash theses

This guide is designed to assist with locating theses either from Monash or from other institutions around the world.

Monash University theses

The Library maintains the Monash University Thesis Collection, a collection of Doctoral and Masters by Research theses. This collection includes theses in print, microfiche, and electronic format. All theses, regardless of format, can be found in the Library Search.

Quick tips for searching for theses in Search:

  • use Advanced Search and limit to "Material type" = theses
  • search by Author and/or Title
  • or search by Keywords
  • include the words thesis and Monash in your search
  • limit your search to Library collections

Looking for an Honours thesis?

Honours theses are not generally held in the library. To access Honours theses enquire at the relevant University faculty.

Once you have found a thesis, how you access a copy will depend on the format (print, microfiche,or electronic) and the access category of that individual thesis (open, restricted or embargo). Access will also differ depending on whether you are a staff member or student of Monash university, a member of the public, or from another institution.


Online thesis collection

Many theses are available as electronic copies, and are stored in the Bridges research repository for long-term preservation and access. The online collection includes full text theses submitted after 2010 and selected copies of earlier print theses.

Theses in the Research Repository can also be browsed by their faculty group:

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Faculty of Arts Faculty of Business and Economics Faculty of Education
Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Information Technology Faculty of Law Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty of Science Monash University Accident Research Centre  

Theses are published in the Research Repository under a range of different access categories.


Access categories

Open access: Full text of an open access thesis can be directly viewed and downloaded online.

Restricted access: Full text of a restricted thesis is not available for general viewing. The Library may still supply the full text of the thesis, in whole or in part, to persons for research through institutional document delivery, as permitted under Section 51 (2) of the Australia Copyright Act 1968. 

Embargo: Print and online copies may be under a 1 to 3 year embargo. The thesis cannot be accessed by anyone during the embargo period.

Are you a Monash University research student wanting to know what access category you should add to your thesis? See Writing/Submission for more information.

Monash University's Bridges Research Repository

Monash University Higher Degree by Research students are required to submit a digital copy of their final thesis for examination through the Monash Graduate Research Office portal, see Writing/Submission for more information.

On acceptance, the thesis will then automatically be added to the Bridges research repository for long-term preservation and access.