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Archaeology and Ancient History: Home

A guide to resources at Monash University Library for Archaeology and Ancient History


Excavation of the Ziggurat at Ur

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Images courtesy of Bridgeman Education, B&W: © SZ Photo / Scherl / Bridgeman Images; Colour: North-eastern facade of the ziggurat, c2100 BC (photo).


Welcome to the Archaeology and Ancient History library guide. Archeology and Classics are part of the Centre for Ancient Cultures at Monash. You will find information and links to resources and library services relevant to studying in this field at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. Click on the tabs which match your needs. Contact the subject librarian if you require more assistance.

Archaeology is taught at the Clayton and Caulfield campuses. Undergraduate units concentrate on culture, history and legacy of key civilisations of the ancient Mediterranean, especially Egypt. Major themes include Ancient Egypt over a 1000 year timespan, Minoan Crete, Mycenaean & Classical Greece and the Hellenistic & Roman worlds.

The Monash University Library has substantial collections to support this subject area. There is overlap with Indigenous Studies, History and Anthropology. For more information on archaeology and classics taught at Monash, visit the Centre's website.

Library staff can assist you with your research. See the different roles and the staff contacts for history below.

Archaeology team


Katie Julian (Clayton, Matheson Library)
Janet McGarry (Caulfield Library)

Librarians can assist students in how and where to start researching your topic, effective use of online resources, finding and evaluating information, and citing & referencing.

Learning Skills Advisors

Roslyn Halliday (Matheson Library)
Fiona Patterson (Caulfield Library)

Library drop ins

Library Drop-in Sessions


10-15 minute consultations with a librarian that are open to all students. 

These are held during the University Semester.

Students will be seen on a first come, first serve basis. 

click the image for drop in times at each library