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Primary sources for humanities: Archaeology & Classics

A guide to primary sources for humanities at Monash University Library

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Suggested starting point

A good starting point for primary sources in archaeology and ancient history is to search the Library's collection. Use Search to find sources and antiquities relating to Egypt, Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. Also consult the other sources mentioned on this page. 

You may be looking for the works of writers, so starting with the Library of Latin Texts which provides major texts from the classical period and the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae which provides the ancient Greek texts.


Microform is an older technology which still provides us with a wealth of hidden information. This list is a tiny example of what is available on microfilm and microfiche. Jenny Casey at the Matheson Library is happy to assist you to uncover the microform collection.

Online sources

Ancient texts

The Loeb Classical Library online includes Greek and Latin original works with English translations.

Babylonian literature
The Epic of Gilgamesh

Finding ancient sources in Search

In Search add your search terms with the extra words "Sources".  For example ancient egypt sources or ancient greece sources

Some specific titles are listed below.