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Archaeology and ancient history: Key resources

For students of archaeology, ancient history and classical studies at Monash University.

Secondary Sources


Databases for Archaeology and Ancient History
Databases for Classics

Databases are essential for uncovering research published in scholarly sources in your area of interest. Consult several to find journal articles, books, theses, conference papers and much more on your area of interest. The links above take you to our list of databases for archaeology and classics.

Online Journals

Journals in print format

Archaeology Call Numbers
Call Number
Ancient world 913
Ceramic arts 738
Greek art 709.38
Greek & Roman coins 737.4938
History of the ancient world 930
History of ancient Egypt 932
History of ancient Greece 938
History of ancient Italy 937
History of ancient Palestine 937
History of Mesopotamia/ Iranian Plateau 935
Minoans (inc Knossos, archaeology, customs)      939.18
Mycenaeans 938.8


Classics Call Numbers
Call Number
Classical (Greek & Roman) religion 292
Treatment of women in Greece to 323 AD               305.4
Italic literatures Latin 870
Latin poetry 871
Latin epic poetry & fiction 873
Hellenic literatures Classical Greek 880
Classical Greek poetry 881
Classical Greek drama 882
Classical Greek poetry & fiction 937