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Altmetric Tips & Tricks

“Altmetrics in action: examples and feedback from data-savvy researchers” includes practical information on using altmetrics in your workflow.

This “How to use Altmetrics for Promotion and Tenure” PDF guide covers all the information you need to include altmetrics in your tenure dossier

Download “A guide to using altmetrics data in your NIH Biosketch CV” for information on how to use altmetrics in your NIH Biosketch CV to demonstrate impact, reach and engagement.

It is important to remember that being able to use altmetrics in promotion and tenure would be dependent on the requirements and guidelines provided by University faculties and departments. 

Examples of altmetrics in Promotion and Tenure Package

Trevor A. Branch, Biology, University of Washington (USA)

Ahmed Moustafa, Biology, American University in Cairo (Egypt)

Steven B. Roberts, Biology, University of Washington (USA)


Duke University guide: Use altmetrics professionally

Arts & Humanities

Tips from on depositing Arts & Humanities outputs in figshare and then sharing on social media

Deposit everything and promote the heck out of it

Proactively promote your work using the right networks and descriptors


Altmetrics for the humanities: Disciplines, output types, and discovery


When looking at your altmetric data, it is essential to ensure whether the conversation behind reflects the "potential impact" or scope for possible collaboration.

Look at the qualitative data behind the numbers on the donut and view who is engaging with your research and what is being discussed. Join the conversation to expand your network or to discuss possible future collaborations.   

Grey Literature - Analysis & Policy Observatory

'The Analysis & Policy Observatory is an award-winning research collection and information service curating key resources to support evidence-informed policy and practice. APO hosts and provides free access to a wide range of grey literature, data, journal articles and books, audio and video and online resources and the tools to publish, search, manage and track content, people and organisations.' are continuing to add more policy sites to the sources they track for potential societal impact of research, Analysis & Policy Observatory is one of the sources now being tracked.

Monash contributors to Analysis & Policy Observatory