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Altmetrics free tools provide a free bookmarklet for researchers that can be added to a bookmarks bar to view the altmetric data of a journal article that is being read online.

Free Altmetric badges for researchers can be embedded in personal websites to showcase engagement with research outputs. will provide support and answer any queries regarding how to best utilise the badge. Badges can also be customised by size and the details included.


Instructions for embeddable badges

PLOS Article Level Metrics Reports

ALM Reports allows you to view article-level metrics for any set of PLOS articles as well as summarize and visualize the data results.


Impactstory is free for researchers to join with an ORCiD. They provides an online CV profile page to showcase all your research outputs and the altmetric data associated.

  • import all your publications, not just DOIs.  
  • everything on your ORCID profile now displays in your Impactstory profile
  • twitter integration


Kudos is free to join and they also provide free widget tools to help promote published research and any associated data.

SAGE and Wiley authors can access extended services that KUDOS provide.

More information:

Book - A Practical Guide