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Japanese studies

Finding resources

Using the Library Search is the way of searching for Library resources. Using natural language, a simple search box will bring back results from a number of different sources.  You can refine the results of your basic search by using the facets. Or you can do an advanced search and prescribe limits to your searching.

Search tips

Japanese language items in the Monash University Library are catalogued using the Modified Hepburn Romanization System, as well as the Japanese characters.

In order to find Japanese materials in the Library Search, type in keywords or author or title in either Japanese characters or Modified Hepburn Romanization. The diacritics to indicate long vowel and syllabic nasal are displayed on screen. When typing keywords you can ignore the diacritics, it is not necessary to capitalise the proper noun.

The following websites is the Modified Hepburn Romanization System and the cataloguing rules of the Library of Congress:

Configure your computer to search the catalogue using non-Roman script.

Browsing the shelves

Most Monash University libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme to organise books and journals. The most efficient way to locate material in the library is to use the Library Search. However the following may be useful as a guide when browsing the shelves.

 Number  Subject
 079.52  Journalism, media, newspapers in Japan
 290.952  Religions in Japan
 305.40952  Women’s studies in Japan
 306.0952  Japanese culture
 320.952  Japanese politics
 330.952  Japanese economics
 370.952  Japanese education
 404.2  Bilingualism
 410  Linguistics
 418.007  Second language acquisition
 495.607  Japanese language for study and teaching
 495.6071  Japanese language teachers
 495.63  Japanese dictionaries
 495.6802  Translating and interpreting

 495.6824 & 495.6834

 Japanese textbooks, exercise books, examinations etc.
 741.58  Manga collection
 741.5952  Manga and social aspects
 780.952  Japanese music

 895.6 & 895.6005

 Japanese literature
 915.2  Travel and description in Japan
 952  History of Japan

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