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Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences: Social policies and Issues

Social policies and issues

Advocacy is about working on activities that will influence policy. It is a consistent and persistent effort to shift perceptions through regular positive activity to bring about change. Advocacy groups work towards influencing policy on behalf of members of society who may not be able to themselves due to their vulnerability or other circumstances. The groups work towards better outcomes for these people who may be adversely affected by the policies introduced.

Lobbying is active campaigning of the government with the view to asking policymakers to take a specific position on an item of legislation.

The Lobbying Code of Conduct is available on the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPM&C) website and defines a lobbyist as: ... any person, company or organisation who conducts lobbying activities on behalf of a third party client or whose employees conduct lobbying activities on behalf of a third party client.

You can find relevant advocacy and lobby groups by Googling keywords and limiting the domain address.

women reproductive rights

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A selective list of institutes that conduct research related to social policy:

Government policy & legal resources

To search for the work of parliamentary committees, parliamentary debates/Hansard, bills and legislation, parliamentary publications, parliamentary media releases and the budget papers.

To find relevant policy documents from State Legislation and Bills search the individual State parliament websites.

Queensland Parliament:

NSW Parliament:

Victorian Parliament:

Political parties policies in Australia

News articles can be a good source of information on recent events, policies, developments and their impact on the local populations, public perceptions and responses. However newspapers are not acceptable academic sources unless as objects of research.

Click to see a complete list of databases relevant for News articles.

To search for news articles, try some of the highlighted databases listed below: