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Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences: Searching for information

Searching for information

The 'Finding and evaluating information' module is a good place to start to develop good searching techniques which will save you valuable time. This module covers the following four topics:

Database Search tips

Boolean operators, wild cards and subject headings can vary across databases. Use the Database search tips sheet for guidance on the different operators for the key MNHS databases.

Search the collection

You can search the Monash University Library collection using Search.

The following video demonstrates how to use the Search platform to search for information for your research topic.

Title: Using Library Search - Locating a resource using keywords

Running time: 2.44 mins


The Library Search guide provides useful information on how to perform basic and advanced searches to find relevant information for your topic.

The Finding specific resources page on the Library Search guide provides you with instructions on how you can use the Search platform to find specific types of collections such as images, government publications, patents and theses.