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Theatre and Performance studies: Resources for researchers

Selected resources for drama and theatre studies



Figshare is collaborative digital repository for Monash University researchers and graduate research students.

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Reasons to explore and use Figshare include:

  • Compliance: easy compliance with funder and publisher requirements to make data open
  • Secure management: manage private or public research outputs securely on Monash storage
  • Multiple formats: more than 650 file types can be uploaded including audio, video, images, spreadsheets, documents, surveys, datasets and posters.
  • Access: research files are available online from anywhere in the world
  • Collaboration: research files can be shared privately with collaborators or made public
  • Increased citations: all research outputs made public receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) making them citable
  • Reuse: apply Creative Commons or other appropriate licenses to define terms of re-use
  • Visibility: greater visibility of research outputs once published
  • Discoverability: allows other researchers to find your work, enabling collaborative research
  • Embargo: research outputs can be embargoed when necessary 

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Resources for Researchers


Resources for Researchers

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