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Business and Economics: Internet research (grey literature)

For students undertaking Accounting, Banking & Finance, Business, Law & Taxation, Economics, Econometrics & Business Statistics, Management and Marketing at Monash University

Internet sources

Organisations of all types, including companies, universities, government departments and NGOs disseminate their research, statistics, reports, guidelines, principles and practices through online publications on their own websites. In addition, your lecturer or tutor may have recommended particular internet sites relevant to your studies. Information that is published by individuals or organisations in this way is called grey literature.

Selected examples of grey literature relevant to business and economics

The range of grey literature is vast. Here are just some examples of the possibilities.

Company Annual Reports


Research Papers

Reserve Bank of Australia

SSRN (Social Sciences)

RePEc (Economics)

Official statistics

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Publications from non-governmental organisations

Transparency International

International Labour Organisation 

Reports from research bodies/think tanks

The Grattan Institute

APO (Analysis & Policy Observatory)

Research produced by the private sector

ANZ Bank

Reports from government agencies

Productivity Commission


Australian Accounting Standards Board


General tips

  • Identify key organisations/stakeholders relevant to your topic and visit their websites.
  • Perform a Google Advanced Search on the topic, using a search strategy - see How to Search.
  • Check the quality of the sources you find - see Evaluating Information.
  • Quality and authoritative online sources often include links to other quality sources.

See the Grey Literature Library Guide for further advice.