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Legal education and research for Law academics: Research repositories

Add open access versions to PURE 

The University’s research management system, Pure, serves as Monash’s Institutional Repository. It stores or links to Open Access (OA) versions of research outputs and makes them publicly accessible on each researcher’s public profile.

The Research Outputs Collection Service (ROCS) can provide support if you wish to make your research outputs available OA.

You can add OA versions of your outputs in Pure along with your Published versions.  This can be done at the time you create your record, or if the record is already validated, you can send the appropriate version to the ROCS team, with embargo dates (if applicable).  Pure will support multiple attachments and/or links on a single record with different access conditions assigned.

Accepted OA versions are:

  • Submitted Manuscript:  The manuscript originally submitted by the author to a journal for peer review. This version does not include revisions made by the author as a result of peer review or the copy-editing, layout and typesetting contributed by the publisher. This version is also known as the ‘Submitted Manuscript Under Review’ or ‘Preprint’.
  • Accepted Manuscript:  The version of an article that has been revised by the author to incorporate peer review suggestions, and which has been accepted by the journal for publication. In terms of content, this version is the same as the published version.  In terms of appearance, it may not be identical to the published version. This version is also known as the ‘Accepted Version’ or ‘Postprint’.
  • Published Version: The reviewed and accepted manuscript with publisher contributed copy-editing, proof corrections, layout, and typesetting included. This version is also known as the ‘Version of Record’.

Check, or negotiate with, your publisher so that you know which version of an article, paper or chapter is permitted for upload to an open access repository. Quite often, a pre-print is permitted. If unsure, discuss with the University's Copyright Adviser, Megan Deacon.

Find out if a journal permits open access versions using Sherpa Romeo

Store your research data and files on Bridges

Bridges is the Monash University repository, managed by the Library, which allows you to store, promote and share data and research files. A unique DOI is generated for each file. See metrics on views, downloads and attention (altmetrics).

  • Bridges
    Share research outputs including figures, datasets, media, papers, posters, presentations and file sets. Data is stored on Monash servers.


For further examples and information see:

Dedicated pages with custom branding can be created for Research Centres. This creates a landing page for open access to research findings and reports. See Eleos Justice


Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is a research repository devoted to the free, rapid dissemination of social science research. SSRN also maximizes usage and discoverability by classifying papers into topic-based eJournals that are distributed to individual and institutional subscribers. This results in downloads and citations that SSRN aggregates into metrics that you can use for promotion and evidence of impact. Citations show where a paper on SSRN has been cited by other researchers, both in papers on SSRN and across the Web. 
The Legal Scholarship Network (LSN) is part of SSRN. 

See the SSRN FAQs to find out how to submit a paper.

Other research repositories and networks