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Legal education and research for Law academics: Home

Using this guide

The Legal education and research for law academics guide introduces you to physical and online information, resources and tools. They have all been carefully selected to assist your research and teaching activities at Monash.

The seven sections of the guide reflect important areas of legal education and research at Monash and provide resources to help law academics stay up-to-date with best practice developments and strategies.

For specific faculty teaching and learning advice please visit the Faculty of Law Teaching and Learning Intranet. 

Get help from a librarian

Get help from a librarian when you need support beyond what you can find in this guide. Bookings are available for students, educators, and researchers.

Librarians can help you with a range of tasks including:

  • accessing, locating and obtaining resources for research
  • reference management
  • research visibility, reach and impact (including metrics and researcher profiles)
  • understanding copyright
  • using or creating open educational resources for student reading
  • where to publish, author publishing charges and open access requirements.