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International law: Home

Using this guide

The International Law guide introduces you to physical and online information, resources and tools. They have all been carefully selected to help you study or research international law at Monash.

The guide will also help you to develop your skills in finding useful material.

This guide is divided into three distinct areas of international law.

  • Public International Law - the system of law that imposes rights and obligations on States (Nations) in their dealings with each other.
  • Human Rights Law - an individual’s rights and freedoms, which form the basis for the relationship between the government and the individual.
  • Private International Law - the body of rules that govern the jurisdiction of courts, the applicable law, and the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, in civil cases containing a foreign element.

Get help from a librarian

Get help from a librarian when you need support beyond what you can find in this guide. Bookings are available for students, educators, and researchers.

Librarians can help you with a range of tasks including:

  • using the Library's collections
  • finding and evaluating information
  • citing and referencing
  • understanding copyright