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Primary sources for humanities: Oral History

Primary Sources

  • Australian Generations Oral History Project
    "This is the first major national project to investigate intergenerational dynamics and the impact of dramatic social, technological and environmental changes on the experiences and attitudes of succeeding Australian Generations. The national scope of our project will advance understanding of the diversity of Australian historical experience within groups and over time. We propose an original and significant historical interrogation of assumptions about Australian Generations."
  • Visual History Archive
    The USC Shoah Foundation Institute's Visual History Archive provides access to over 50,600 video interviews conducted with survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust. These testimonies were collected in 56 countries and in 32 languages. The majority of the interviews are with Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. Political prisoners, Roma and Sinti (Gypsy) survivors, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, and liberators, witnesses, rescuers, and aid providers also provided testimony.
  • Sixties
    The Sixties ... brings the 1960s alive through diaries, letters, autobiographies and other memoirs, written and oral histories, manifestos, government documents, memorabilia, and scholarly commentary ... Spanning 1960 to 1974, The Sixties is centered on key themes that provide insight into the issues that shaped America
  • Alexander Street Video
    For selected videos covering a range of historical periods and eras. Also good for oral histories.