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Business and Economics: Company, industry and market information

For students undertaking Accounting, Banking & Finance, Business, Law & Taxation, Economics, Econometrics & Business Statistics, Management and Marketing at Monash University


Use these resources when researching a company, industry, product or market, whether in Australia or overseas, for detailed and authoritative business intelligence.  In addition you could also:

  • search for relevant news articles
  • refer to company and industry organisation (e.g."peak body") websites
  • refer to the Australian government Austrade website when investigating export markets from Australia.

Company, industry and market information


You are able to access company profiles (or reports) produced by a range of business intelligence providers. Content, format and emphasis can differ between different sources, but company profiles typically cover: 

  • basic company information including locations, principal products/services, size (e.g. measured by employee number, total assets or market capitalisation)
  • company history, business operations 
  • key competitors and comparison with them (“peer comparison”)
  • current and historical financial and share data
  • top executive and board member details
  • ownership details, subsidiaries (corporate family tree)
  • performance analysis and forecasts.

Key databases for company profiles are listed below. Each provides coverage of companies worldwide, unless specifically indicated.


All companies worldwide whose shares are traded on a stock exchange ("publicly listed" companies) must produce publicly available annual reports. They are available on a company’s website. In comparison, privately owned companies are not required to publicly disclose such detailed information.
The following databases also feature the annual reports (and other documents) for all Australian (ASX) listed companies.

For non-Australian company annual reports


Industry and market reports are a source of business intelligence for operating in particular industries, markets, countries or geographical areas. Content, emphasis and scope can vary between different sources, but industry reports typically include information about: 

  • the industry coverage, structure, and operating conditions
  • competitive landscape, key players, market value, market shares
  • industry financial and performance data, averages and benchmarks
  • trends, forecasts/outlook, opportunities

Key databases for industry reports are listed below. Each provides coverage of industries worldwide, unless specifically indicated.