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Engineering: Materials science & engineering


The Library connects you with online and physical resources for Materials Science & Engineering in a variety of ways. You will not be able to access the majority of these resources via Google.

  • Handbooks & Encyclopedias: Provide introductory information about various Engineering concepts, methods, and processes - useful for learning about areas you are unfamiliar with.
  • Books: Provide an overview of various Engineering topics, and are useful for building your broad understanding. Most of our books are available as eBooks.
  • Journals: Each journal contains a number of articles, which focus on a very specific area of Engineering research. These will help you develop expertise in a particular area, though they are not recommended if you are new to a topic.
  • Databases: These contain collections of journals and other resources. There are many different databases, each with their own area of focus.

Library Contacts

Your Library contacts for Materials Science & Engineering are:

Send us an email if you have any questions about finding and accessing information, or about improving your academic language. You can also ask at the Research & Learning Point.


These authoritative resources provide introductory information about various Engineering concepts, methods, and processes. They will help clarify concepts that are unfamiliar, and often provide brief bibliographies for further reading. The Chemistry and Physics Library Guides contain resources that may also be useful.