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Engineering: Mechanical & aerospace


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Subject Librarian: Nhan Le (Hargrave-Andrew Library)


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SAE digital library

The SAE digital library indexes citations and document summaries of books, standards, journal articles, conference papers, etc. on mobility research worldwide.
Subject areas include engines, safety, electronics and materials, and in particular passenger car, off-highway, truck and bus, manufacturing and aerospace engineering.
The Monash subscription includes full-text access to the 18,000+ technical papers published by the Society of Automotive Engineers from 1998 to date. There are some technical papers included in this period which SAE does not have the right to publish, also citations and documents summaries of books, standards, journal articles, conference papers from other publishers.

As of August 2011, "The SAE Digital Library has been redesigned to streamline and target your research for trusted content with a simple, efficient interface, one-click cross referencing". SAE Digital Library User Guide is available.

Some earlier SAE papers (published between 1911 and 2005) are held in print at Hargrave-Andrew Library (see a separate box below 'Monash holdings for SAE technical papers published between 1911 and 2005').

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The SAE International website offers users to search their publications.

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If a publication is not held at Monash, please contact your subject librarian. Note that due to licensing conditions, individual titles in hard copies only can be purchased for the library's collection.

Monash holdings for SAE publications 1911-2005


Year Holdings (Hargrave-Andrew Library)
1911-1965 Serials 629.106 S678T (Ground Level)
1981-1987 Serials 629.106 S678T (Ground Level)
Year The following individual titles were published between 1993 and 2005. They are catalogued as individual books.

629.231 B635A 1993

Automotive seat design concepts for occupant protection by David M. Blaidsdell et al.

SAE technical paper series 930340

621.51 F529A 1995

Airflow simulation through automotive blowers using computational fluid dynamics by Dietmar Fischer.

SAE technical paper series 950438

621.51 T646D 1995

Design of an automotive HVAC blower wheel for flow, noise and structural integrity by C. Toksoy.

SAE technical paper series 950437

621.51 G876A 1996

Airflow simulation of an automotive blower for a HVAC unit by Pascale Gronier et al.

SAE technical paper series 960961

629.228 W882A 1996

The aerodynamic optimization of a successful IMSA GT race car by Dwight M. Woodbridge et al.

SAE technical paper series 962518

629.23 K15M 1996

Monocoque, automotive bodies in advanced composites by K. Kamal et al.

SAE technical paper series 962560

629.25 L735E 1997

Effect of cross-winds on motor car engine cooling by Changhua Lin et al.

SAE technical paper series 970138

620.165 G975N 1998

Notch sensitivity and fatigue in austempered ductile iron by R. B. Gundlach et al.

SAE technical paper series 980685

620.165 K37A 2000

Automotive applications of austempered ductile iron (ADI): a critical review by John R. Keough et al.

SAE technical paper series 2000-01-0764

620.187 A926B 2000

Behavior of die cast magnesium alloys subject to rapid deformation by Terje Kr. Aune et al.

SAE technical paper series 2000-01-1116

629.23 B858A 2000

Application of FEA techniques to a hybrid racing car chassis design by Elliot Brinkworth.

SAE technical paper series 2000-01-3538

629.23 N594A 2000

Assessment of a glued aluminum monocoque and suspension for Formula SAE style racecars by Livio Nichilo et al.

SAE technical paper series 2000-01-3539

621.43 C456A 2001

Advanced engine cooling thermal management system on a dual voltage 42V-14V minivan by Matthieu Chanfreau et al.

SAE technical paper series 2001-01-1742

621.43 C552A 2001

Automatic control of electronic actuators for an optimized engine cooling thermal management by Alexandre Choukroun et al.

SAE technical paper series 2001-01-1758

620.165 G975.I 2002

Improving the properties of austempered ductile iron by Richard B. Gundlach et al.

SAE technical paper series 2002-01-1307

621.43 W133C 2002

Coolant flow control strategies for automotive thermal management systems by John R. Wagner et al.

SAE technical paper series 2002-01-0713

629.2293 S613P 2003

A parametric analysis technique for design of fuel cell and hybrid-electric vehicles by Andrew G. Simpson et al.

SAE technical paper series 2003-01-2300

629.2506 S822T 2004

3D-simulation of diesel combustion applying a progress variable approach accounting for complex chemistry by R. Steiner.

SAE technical paper series 2004-01-0106

629.246 A627M 2005

Measuring and characterizing brake system performance during race track/high energy driving conditions by David Antanaitis.

SAE technical paper series 2005-01-0790

The following key reference works provide review essays on a variety of topics in mechanical and aerospace engineering and related areas. They will help clarify concepts that are unfamiliar and provide brief bibliographies.

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