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History: United Kingdom

UK resources

Reference works are books and other materials that provide information on a specific topic. Examples include dictionaries, encyclopaedias, almanacs, and handbooks. They are often consulted for background information, to clarify concepts, or to find specific facts or details on a subject, and may provide useful bibliographies for further reading.

If you can't find something relevant in the list above then go to Search and copy the following search (replace tudors with your own keywords): tudors AND (handbook OR companion OR encyclopedia OR encyclopaedia OR dictionary)

If you'd like to go browse the shelves, some relevant locations are listed below. Otherwise you can search for books (print and electronic) in Search.
General history of Europe 940
World War I, 1914-1918 940.3
1918-1929 940.51
1930-1939 940.52
World War II, 1939-1945 940.53
Holocaust 940.5318
1945- 940.55
British Isles 941
England and Wales 942
Germany, Central Europe 943
France 944
Eastern Europe; Russia 947

In History there are, broadly speaking, two types of databases. Those you use to find primary sources and those you use for journal articles. For primary sources look at the Primary Sources library guide.    

For journal articles, books, theses, conference papers and more:

For more, look at the full list of History databases