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MLA 9th

Getting started

MLA 9th is a citing and referencing style drawn from the official MLA guidelines and covers common examples. It is designed to help you:
Apply the correct MLA 9th format to different types of resources
Check your work against examples

Our interactive online tutorials can help you understand the basics of citing and referencing, and why citing and referencing is important.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Library's print copies of the MLA Handbook (9th ed.) chapter 6 or consult the MLA Style Center.

Elements of citing and referencing in MLA 9th style

There are two places you need to write references in your assignments: In the body of your writing called in-text citations and at the end of your writing called Works Cited

1. In-text citations

Use in-text citations to avoid plagiarism and show how your work is influenced by others. You write these citations in the body of your paper. 
The type of citation changes depending on if you wish to emphasize the author or the information.
The format changes depending on the number of authors. 

2. Works Cited

At the end of your assignment you need to provide a record of all the sources you have cited in your assignment. It is placed on a new page at the end of your essay and has a specific format you will need to follow.  

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