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The Library contacts for Chemistry are:

Subject Librarian: Romney Adams (Hargrave-Andrew Library)

Learning Skills Adviser: Tami Castillo (Hargrave-Andrew Library)


Key Databases

Specialist Chemistry Databases

     Phytochemistry of Australian Plants

Using data from peer-reviewed literature published after 1940, this database contains almost 20,000 unique organic compounds that have been isolated from over 10,000 unique species of Australian plants.

Journals are where various information resources (including peer-reviewed articles) are published. You can access journals individually, or search across many simultaneously via our Full-Text Journal collections.

Full Text Journal Collections for Chemistry

eBook Collections for Chemistry

The American Chemical Society's publications include ACS Reagent Chemicals, ACS Symposium Series, and Advances in Chemistry. ACS also publish/co-publish 30 journals.

The Royal Society of Chemistry's eBook publications provide coverage across the chemical sciences and related areas.

Provides access to major chemical reference works published by Chapman & Hall/CRC. These works include several chemical dictionaries that are structured as searchable databases.

Offers online access to books and reference books in many disciplines including chemistry, biomedical science, engineering, life sciences, material science and more. Chemistry-specific eBooks can be located here.

Knovel provides access to books, professional handbooks, conference proceedings, and materials databases across 23 subject areas of science and engineering, including Chemistry, Chemical engineering, nanotechnology, process design, and sustainable energy & development.

Containing the complete content from over 30 ASM (American Society of Metals) Handbooks, as well as Handbook Supplements and Desk Editions. Content includes the structure, properties, processeing, performance, and evaluation of metals and nonmetallic engineering materials.

Cambridge University Press's collection of Chemistry-related eBooks can be accessed here.

SPIE Press are the largest independent publisher of optics and photonics books. SPIE's eBooks include reference works, field guides, and tutorial texts.

SpringerLink's collection of Chemistry-related eBooks can be accessed here.

Includes many chemistry sources, such as eEROS (Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis), SpecInfo (NMR data), and Current Protocols (lab protocols/manuals). Wiley also contains peer-reviewed journal articles.

Publishers of over 12,000 eBooks across a variety of disciplines, including chemistry.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

The following key reference works provide review essays on a variety of topics in Chemistry and related areas. They will help clarify concepts that are unfamiliar and provide brief bibliographies.

Library subscribed resources

Free resources