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Key Databases

The databases below connect you with various peer-reviewed materials. If you're ever unsure whether an article your reading is peer-reviewed, you can use UlrichsWeb to check.

Specialist Chemistry Databases

eBook Collections for Chemistry

Browsing the shelves

To search for relevant books held in the collection, use Monash Library Search. For tips, refer to the Library Search Guide.

The call numbers below may be useful when browsing the print books [in the Library OR in the Hargrave-Andrew Library]. 

Subject Call number

Syntheses & Reactions

546 (inorganic) or 547 (organic)
Reagents 546 (inorganic) or 547.2 (organic)
Lab equipment & protocols 542

Journals are where various information resources (including peer-reviewed articles) are published. You can access journals individually, or search across many simultaneously via our Full-Text Journal collections.

Full Text Journal Collections for Chemistry

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

The following key reference works provide review essays on a variety of topics in Chemistry and related areas. They will help clarify concepts that are unfamiliar and provide brief bibliographies.

Selected conference proceedings