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Guide to call numbers 

The Monash libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme to organise books and journals. This ensures that all materials on similar subject areas are kept together on the shelves. The following call numbers may be useful as a guide when browsing the shelves for Mathematics and related subject areas.

Subject Numbers
Study methods 371.3028
Mathematics 510
Philosophy and theory 510.1
General principles of mathematics 511
Finite mathematics 511.1
Mathematical logic 511.3
Approximation and expansion 511.4
Graph theory 511.5
Combinatroics 511.6
Mathematical models 511.8
Algebra 512
Groups and group theory 512.2
Fields 512.3
Rings 512.4
Linear algebra 512.5
Category theory, homological algebra, K-theory 512.6
Number theory 512.7
Foundations of algebra 512.9
Arithmetic 513
Topology 514
Algebraic topology 514.2
Topology of spaces 514.3
Analytic topology 514.7
Analysis 515
Sequences and series 515.24
Differential calculus and equations 515.3
Integral calculus and equations 515.4
Special functions 515.5
Function analysis 515.7
Functions of real variables 515.8
Functions of complex variables 515.9
Geometry 516
Euclidean geometry 516.2
Analytic geometries 516.3
Non-Euclidean geometry  516.9
Numerical analysis 518
Probabilities and applied mathematics 519
Probabilities 519.2
Statistical mathematics  519.5
Mathematical optimization 519.6
Programming 519.7
Special topics of applied mathematics  519.8
Astronomy 520
Astrophysics 523.01
Planets - astronomy 523.4
Atmosphere - meteorology 551.5
Climate 551.6
Astrobiology 576.839
Essay, reports and technical writing  808



The following key reference works provide review essays on a variety of topics in mathematical sciences and related areas. They will help clarify concepts that are unfamiliar and provide brief bibliographies.

What is LaTeX?

LaTeX is a document preparation system used in mathematics which uses markup tagging to define structure and stylise text throughout documents.

You can obtain LaTeX from

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