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Library Search guide: Favorites and history

Help with using Search, the Library's discovery platform

My Favorites

Favorites allows you to save and organise items you find during your Search session, View saved searches & search your history.

Note: You must sign in to access My Favorites.

Saving and removing items from My Favorites

When you click the favorites icon for an item in the search results the system adds the item to your favorites list.

item record with the favorite icon circled

Click the favorites icon again to remove a record.

Item record with the 'remove the pin' option circled

Viewing and maintaining My Favorites

To view and maintain the My Favorites page click on the icon in the far right-hand corner of the search page.

my favorites icon circled

Choose which tab you wish to view: Saved Records, Saved Searches or Search History

Sample My Favorites screen

Adding labels 

You have the option to assign a label to the saved records. This helps to organise the results for easier viewing. 

Click Add Labels, choose from the available labels or add a new label. 

sample record in My Favorites with 'Add labels' option circled

You can then view the saved items in that label.

item record with labels on its right circled