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Library Search guide: Search results

Help with using Search, the Library's discovery platform

The Brief results display all the items that match your search query. For each item, the following information displays:

A brief result display for 'The Cambridge companion to fantasy literature'

  • Resource Type - Represented by a resource type icon and a label to the left of the item record, this indicates the format of the item, such as book, article, journal, and so forth.
  • Title - Clicking the title displays the item's detailed information.
  • Author, creator, and date - the item's author, creator, and publication date
  • Availability status - Indicates whether an item is available for loan, currently on loan or accessible online. This is the green light  on the screenshot.
  • e-Shelf icon - Click the Star icon star icon hollownext to the title to add or remove the item from your basket. A highlighted star star icon highlightedindicates that you have already added it to your e-Shelf.

Library resources may be accessed physically, electronically or a mix of both. The availability status in the brief results display provides information about how an item can be accessed:

Available, Not available

An item is physically available for loan or currently on loan. The Get It tab provides further information about the location of the item and/or its due back date.

A brief results display of two books, one available the other not.

Full text available. The library also has physical copies.

An item may be available both physically and online. The Get it and View It tabs will provide further details respectively.

A brief result display of a book availabe both physically and electronically.

Full text available

The full text of an item, typically a journal article or an ebook is accessible online via links inside the View It tab.

A brief result display of an article that's available as electronic full text

No full text online

The Library system's automatic link resolver is unable to determine the availability of an electronic item. Look inside the Check for full text tab for more options such as physical copies in the library or Document delivery (for eligible users only).

Note: This type of results generally will not be displayed until the Expand results options is checked.

A brief result display of an eBook that's not available.

If you would like to see more information on an item, you can select one of the tabs located below each brief item record:

View It

The View It tab displays access information of items that are available online. If the item has multiple entries, click an entry to display the item on a new page.

Full display of a book with the View It tab open


The Details tab displays the item’s full record. Try clicking on the additional links.

A full record display of a book with the details tab open. A "Links" box is displayed on the right hand side inside the tab.

Get It

The Get It tab displays information about the item's location and availability. To get more information on the location that holds the item, click on the location name. Also use the request options (when signed in) to place holds on items.

Full record display of a book with the Get it tab open. The 'Sign-in for more options' at the top of the tab is highlighted.

Reviews & Tags

The Reviews and Tags tab enables you to add, delete, and update reviews and tags for an item. More information about tagging can be found in this guide.

A full record display with the 'Review & Tags' tab open.


virtual browse tab

The Virtual Browse tab shows items that are placed contiguously in the library collection, by call number.

It displays a scrolling list of book cover images of other titles held in the Library's collection that have similar call numbers to the item you are viewing. It is a useful tool for exploring additional titles in same subject area.

inside virtual browse tab

When a tab is open for an item, an Actions drop-down menu appears at the top right hand corner of the tab. Each item on this menu allows you to perform a different export action on the record of this item.

actions menu


Adds the item record to your e-Shelf


Sends the item record to a nominated email address along with an optional message


Prints the detail of the item records


Generates a shortened stable URL to the item record. There are also other ways to link to Library resources.


Generates a formatted bibliography of the item using a predefined referencing style such as APA 6th, MLA 7th and Chicago. There are other detailed guides for citing and referencing.

EndNote Web

Exports the item record to your EndNot Online account


Exports the item record to your Delicious account

EndNote Desktop (RIS)

Generates an RIS file that is compatible with major bibliographical management software such as EndNote


Search results can be sorted in different ways using the Sorted by drop-down menu. By default they are sorted by relevance. Subsequent searches will take on the last sorted by criterion used.

results list with 'Sort by' drop-down menu open


Search results are ranked according to their relevance to the search terms used.


Search results are in a descending order according to the item's creation date.


Search results are ordered alphabetically by title.


Search results are in an ascending order according to item's creation date. This sort is only applied to items in the Library collections scope.


Search results are ordered according to their usage. Items that are viewed more often by users appear high on the results list.


Checking the Include records with no full text online box will retrieve additional search results that are typically labelled as No full text online. Although many of these items will not have online access directly, their bibliographical information may still be useful for your research. The Library may also have alternative access options for some of these resources.

Open the Check for full text tab to find more access options including:

  • Physical holdings of the journal/book this item appeared in
  • Document delivery services for eligible users (sign in required)

Search results with 'Expand result' option on the left selected. Results include items that are not available immediately but has additional options in the 'Check for full text' tab


A dynamic service that displays a list of 10 mostly viewed research articles in the recent weeks. This list can be filted by subject areas. By default, the bX hot articles panel is closed. This service can also be used as an app on a mobile device.

bx hot articles panel


If you are signed in, you can save a search query by clicking the Save query link, which appears above the facets on the Brief Results page. Once saved, you can view and reuse the search from the Saved Queries & Alerts list.

Note: You need to sign in to see results in the Searches tab.

Search results page with 'Save query' option on the left hand side highlighted

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