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Library Search guide: Search results

Help with using Search, the Library's discovery platform

The results display all the items that match your search query. Library resources may be accessed physically, electronically or a mix of both. Some titles will be grouped together if there are multiple versions. For example, if there are different editions or if we hold both a physical copy and electronic copy.

Item brief record for a record with multiple versions

Click See all versions to see all that is available.

Two brief item records each displaying an availability status                     

For each title, the following information displays:

  • Resource Type - The label above the title indicates the format of the item, such as book, article, journal, and so forth.
  • Title - Clicking the title displays the item's detailed information.
  • Author or creator - The item's author / creator.
  • Date - Publication date
  • Availability status - Indicates if there is an item available where it can be located or if it is accessible online.

For physical items such as print books, CDs and DVDs, you will see an availability status:

  • Available at
  • Not Available or
  • Check locations.

To see a detailed display of the title or for a list of individual items click on either the availability status or the title.

If the title is available you will see what library houses the item, what collection the item is apart of, the call number to find it in the library and if it is available in more than one location, it will state check other locations.

a book record with 'Available at' statement circled


If the title is not available it may mean it is on loan, in transit between library branches, on hold or missing. Click check other locations for request options.

A book record with 'Not available' statement circled





If the location statement reads Check locations in most instances we do not hold the title but we still may be able to help you locate it. 

We do have a Document delivery services for eligible users (sign in required)

A book record with 'Check Locations' statement circled

If the item is an electronic resource you may have the options of downloading it (Read Article), accessing it online (Online access), or browsing the issues of a journal (View Issue Contents).

  • If you choose Read Article the item will open as a PDF document.
  • To view the item online click Online access. A new window will open displaying direct links. In some cases there will be more than one available option. As you can see below the article is offered from multiple publishers. There may also be a difference in holdings. In this case showing in the image, ProQuest Central holdings are from 1998, but does not give access to anything published within the past year.
  • View Issue Contents opens details about the item. This may be the table of contents for a book or an abstract and journal details if it is an article.

In the results on the right hand side of each record are icons which will allow you to perform different export actions.

Item brief record with the export options in the top-right-corner circled

Icon Description

citation icon

Citation - Generates a formatted bibliography of the item using a predefined referencing style such as APA 6th, MLA 7th and Chicago.

There are other detailed guides for citing and referencing.

email icon

E-mail - Sends the item record to a nominated email address along with an optional message.

favorites icon

Favorites - Saves the item record into My favorites.

ellipsis (more options) icon

Ellipsis - Opens a subpage offering more export actions.

Options available within the detailed display under Send to are

icon options on the item record's detailed display view

Icon Description
citation icon Citation - mentioned above.

EndNote Desktop (RIS) - Generates an RIS file that is compatible with major bibliographical management software such as EndNote.

Export BibTex icon

Export BibTex - Exports the record's details to a BibTex file.
permalink icon Permalink - Generates a shortened stable URL to the item record.

endnote web icon

EndNote Web - Exports the item record to your EndNote Online account.

email icon

E-mail - mentioned above.

export to excel icon Export to Excel - Exports the record's details to an Excel or CSV file.
share icon Share - Generates a permalink that can be shared with other users.