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Fine Art and Curatorial Practice

A library guide to support studio practice and research in fine art and curatorial studies

Recommended Sources for Digital and Multimedia Arts

Selected Websites for Digital and Multimedia Arts

Browsing and Searching for Digital and Multimedia Arts

For animation and games:

  • 005 Computer programs, e.g. Dreamweaver
  • 006.6 Animation computing
  • 519.3 Game theory
  • 621.388 Digital video communications
  • 621.3893 Digital audio technology
  • 741.58 Animation design
  • 794.8 Electronic games 

For computer graphics:

  • 006.6 Computer graphics
  • 006.6869 Computer programs, e.g. Adobe creative suite
  • 006.7 Multimedia systems
  • 303.4833 Development of information technology
  • 776 Digital art
  • 778.5 Cinematography, video production