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Fine Art and Curatorial Practice

A library guide to support studio practice and research in fine art and curatorial studies

Artists' Books in the Monash Library

What are artists' books?

  • Vehicles for ideas, not monuments to crafts
  • Not necessarily about appearance, but about the aesthetic issues they raise
  • Usually self-published
  • Sometimes only use text
  • Not necessarily "one-offs" but usually small editions

Monash University Library holds a collection of artists' books - a small but growing collection at the Caulfield Library and others at the Matheson Library, Clayton.

You will find books on level 4 of the Caulfield Library. Browse the shelves at these numbers:

  • 686 Book design
  • 686.224 Typography
  • 686.3 Book making
  • 686.3 Bookbinding
  • 702.81 Artists' books (books about artists' books)
  • 745.54 Paper work

Rare artists' books are part of the Caulfield Library Rare Collection. Contact your Subject Librarian for MADA for access.

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What is a journal?

  • Journals are ongoing publications also known as serials, periodicals or magazines.
  • Journals allow researchers and scholars to report findings and ideas. Theories and ideas circulating in contemporary visual culture will be discussed in journal articles.
  • Some journals are peer-reviewed or 'refereed'. Articles in these journals have been evaluated by specialists or experts within academia and / or industry.
  • Many journals are in electronic format but some are still in print. Browse the shelves on Level 4, Caulfield Library.