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Artists' books in the Monash Library

Monash University Library holds a collection of artists' books - a small but growing collection at the Caulfield Library and a larger collection in the Rare Books Collection at Clayton.

Books about artists' books are generally shelved at 702.81 on level 4 of Caulfield Library.

However, actual artists' books are part of the Caulfield Library Rare Collection (contact your Subject Librarian for MADA for access).


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You will find books on level 4 of the Caulfield Library. Browse the shelves at these numbers:

686 book design

686.224 typography

686.3 book making

686.3 bookbinding

702.81 artists' books

745.54 paper work


What are artists' books?

  • Vehicles for ideas, not monuments to crafts
  • Not necessarily about appearance, but about the aesthetic issues they raise
  • Usually self-published
  • Sometimes only use text
  • Not necessarily "one-offs" but usually small editions

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Individual journal articles are not usually searchable in the library catalogue. To find articles on a topic you will need to search an electronic database.

Some databases will provide the full text of articles, others will provide only the abstract or summary.

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