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Fine Art and Curatorial Practice

A library guide to support studio practice and research in fine art and curatorial studies

Recommended Sources for Drawing

What is a journal?

  • Journals are ongoing publications also known as serials, periodicals or magazines.
  • Journals allow researchers and scholars to report findings and ideas. Theories and ideas circulating in contemporary visual culture will be discussed in journal articles.
  • Some journals are peer-reviewed or 'refereed'. Articles in these journals have been evaluated by specialists or experts within academia and / or industry.
  • Many journals are in electronic format but some are still in print. Browse the shelves on Level 4, Caulfield Library.

Browsing and Searching for Drawing

Browse the following call numbers in the Caulfield Library:

  • 604.2  Technical drawing
  • 611.0022  Anatomy
  • 720.284  Architectural drawing
  • 741  Drawing and drawings
  • 741.01 Drawing philosophy and theory 
  • 741.2  Techniques, procedures, apparatus, equipment, materials
  • 741.5  Cartoons, caricatures, comics
  • 741.6  Graphic design, illustration, commercial art
  • 741.672  Fashion drawing
  • 741.9  Collections of drawings by artists, countries, periods
  • 742  Perspective in drawing
  • 743  Drawing and drawings by subject
  • 743.4  Drawing human figures
  • 743.6  Drawing animals
  • 743.7  Drawing plants
  • 743.8  Drawing other subjects
  • 743.9  Collections of drawings by subject (Iconography)