Citing and referencing: Data sets

A guide to the styles recommended by Monash schools and departments for students and researchers

Data sets


  • This material includes raw (published) data that is used for data analysis or measurement.
  • The date for unpublished data is the year(s) of collection.
  • The title of the data set, or data file, is italicised.
  • Directly after the title, indicate in square brackets the description of the form.
  • Include retrieval date only if the data set is designed to change over time.
  • Include the DOI or the URL.
  • You may shorten a long URL. Use a site such as Bitly URL Shortener. e.g. Long URL becomes Short URL Check that both URLs will access the same document.

Data set


Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year). Title of data set (Version 1.1) [Data set]. Publisher Name. or https://xxxxx


Name of Group. (Year). Title of data set. [Data set]. Publisher Name. Retrieved Month DD, YYYY, from https://xxxxx


Aston, L., Currie, G., Delbosc, A., Fournier, N., Kamruzzerman, M., & Teller, D. (2020). Melbourne built environment and transit use empirical dataset (Version 2) [Data set]. Monash University.

Department of Planning and Community Development (Vic). (2015). Projected population by age and sex: Vic RVic MSD 2006–2056 [Data set].

Galloway, D., in’ t Zand, J. J. M., Chenevez, J., Worpel, H., Keek, L., Ootes, L., Watts, A. L., Gisler, L., Sanchez-Fernandez, C., & Kuulkers, E. (2020). MINBAR observations table (Version 7) [Data set]. Monash University.

Koopman, B., & Zuccon, G. (2017). A test collection for matching patient to clinical trials. (Version 4) [Data set]. CSIRO. Data Access Portal.

Unpublished raw data


Name of Group. (YYYY–YYYY). Title of data set [Unpublished raw data]. Source of Unpublished Data. Retrieved Month DD, YYYY, from https://xxxxx


Kindness Institute. (2019–2020). The importance of kindness during a pandemic: A mixed method study of the effectiveness of local support initiatives in an Australian rural community [Unpublished raw data]. University of the Outback.