Citing and referencing: Foreign language sources

A guide to the styles recommended by Monash schools and departments for students and researchers

Foreign language sources


  • Follow the APA format for the type of source you are using. (The example below is a book with Kadokawa Shoten as the publisher).
  • For a work in a language which does not use the Roman alphabet (e.g. Japanese) convert (transliterate) the title and other elements into an alphabetical form.
  • There is no need to also include the title in the original script (in the case below, Japanese characters).
  • Include an English translation of the title, in square brackets.
  • Where the publisher does not provide a translation of the title, provide one that captures the meaning of the title.


Japanese book


Author, A. A. (Copyright year). Transliterated title of book [English translation of title]. Name of Publisher.


Umesao, T. (1987). Nihon santo-ron: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto [On three Japanese cities: Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto]. Kadokawa Shoten.

For further details and examples, refer to the APA Style Blog articles: When and how to transliterate titles in references and Lost in translations?