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Area of Law: Constitutional law

Australian crestConstitutional Law covers the nature of the Australian federal system, the structure and powers of the Commonwealth, State and Territorial   Parliaments, and the role and functions of the judicial and executive arms of government.

Read the Constitution:
Current compilation: Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (ComLaw)
As made:  The Australian Constitution (Australian Government. Senate)
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) (Museum of Australian Democracy)

Annotated Constitution:
Commentaries on the Constitution of Australia  / Garran, Robert, Sir (1867-1957)  (University of Sydney Library's Australian Digital Collections)
The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia / Moore, W Harrison, Sir (1867-1935) (University of Sydney Library's Australian Digital Collections)


You can search for cases that consider sections of the Constitution by using CaseBase and Westlaw Australia (Cases).

The High Court of Australia decides cases of special federal significance including challenges to the constitutional validity of laws.  HCA cases are published in the Commonwealth Law Reports (CLR).

Landmark cases:

Below is a list of  journals focussing on constitutional law, however articles may be found in a wide range of journals. See the Journals tab on our Law resources Library guide for more information.

Comparative Constitutional Law