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Area of Law: Contract law


A contract is a legally binding promise or agreement. (Halsbury's Laws of Australia [110-1] Definition)

The five major concerns of contract law analysis are: Hand writing with pen and paper

(1) the processes by which contracts are formed, the identification of the parties and the identification and interpretation of the terms of the contract so formed;

(2) the circumstances in which contractual agreement is affected by the presence of a vitiating factor or illegality;

(3) the requirements of contract performance and the circumstances in which breaches of contract occur;

(4) the circumstances in which a contract will be discharged and the consequences of such a discharge; and

(5) the principles governing remedies available for breach of contract.

(Halsbury's Laws of Australia [110-5] Concerns of contract law analysis)

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Getting started


Use a case citator, CaseBase or Westlaw Australia (Cases) to find specific cases from Australian courts.

Search for journal articles on contract law topics  in law and general academic journal article databases. Start with:

AGIS Plus | CaseBase | LegalTrac 

Below is a list of some specialised contract law journals, however articles may be found in a wide range of journals.