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Music Performance

Resources for Performance units ATS1044, ATS1045, ATS2122, ATS2123, ATS3136 and ATS3137


This guide provides selected resources for Percussion studies. DVDs, CD's, scores and method books for Percussion are located on Level 1 of the Matheson Library, and can be most easily found by using Monash Library Search to find a Call Number.

Percussion Scores and Methods

Use the following subject headings:
 Snare drum -- Studies and exercises

To find more method books browse the score collection from SF786.9 .... You can also enter SF786.9* into the library search.

Online scores are available at Classical Score library.

Solo repertoire and reductions of works for solo instrument and orchestra are located at: P780 DI: e.g. Percussion solo, Percussion and piano, Percussion duets
Some repertoire remains in the S/SF and SE/SEF collections and you need to also browse by composer at 31 for percussion.
For example: 
SF780 C131 31/C
  Child of tree for percussion solo by John Cage
SF780 K88.7 31/F
  French suite for percussion solo by William Kraft
SE780 K18 31/B
  Beginnings to no end : for solo percussion by Australian composer Dominik Karski
SEF780 X5 31/P
  Psappha pour percussion solo by Xenakis

Examples of Text-Based Notation
​Cat Hope discusses three Australian works  in a 2017 article in the journal Contemporary Music ReviewWording New Paths: Text-Based Notation in New Solo Percussion Works by Natasha Anderson, Erik Griswold, and Vanessa Tomlinson
Natasha Anderson
The Snakes are Loose
Erik Griswold
Stars of Ours
Vanessa Tomlinson 
Still and Moving Paper 2014

More online scores from Classical Scores Library by Peter Maxwell Davies, Bent Lylloff,  Scores for percussion.
For example: 
Etude for snare drum : Århus etude No. 9 by Bent Lylloff
The  Århus Etudes are written for ensembles for 3 to 6 musicians. Århus etude No. 9, however, is a solo for snare drum.
Solo for Percussion by Michel van der Aa

Click the following to see more online sheet music:

Selection of online scores, Chamber Music with Percussion

Books & Audiovisual

Streamed Video

Journals And Databases

Databases & Journals at Monash University Library

Monash University Library has tens of thousands of journals available online and in print.

Click the tabs above to see some of the best journals publishing new research in Percussion.

Monash University Library offers students access to databases of academic literature as well as sound and video collections. 

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